The Modified Maquet Procedure (MMP) is an evolution of the original Osteotomy procedure and techniques, with the intention of making the procedure simpler, and more cost effective with excellent outcomes. It is now known that more than 75% of dogs will return to their previous levels of unrestricted activity and performance.

Some Key Benefits include;

  • Shorter surgery time
  • Provides less complications after surgery
  • Suitable for all breeds and size
  • Shorter recovery and fastest return function
  • High success rates


During Surgery

This procedure is simple and straightforward. A small incision is made to the patella ligament to identify the bone of the tibia. Using a size-guide, the correct OrthoFoam wedge is selected and then accurately placed in the correct position. A wire is then securely placed into the wedge to make sure it is properly stabilized. The incision is then sutured closed to begin the healing process.

After Surgery

After the procedure is complete, your pet will stay overnight at our clinic so that we are able to properly care for and monitor them while recovering from anesthesia. Upon checkout, one of our team members will go over all medication your pet will be sent home including pain, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medications, as well as go over a detailed list of at home care instructions. It is critical that no matter how happy and comfortable your pet may seem, that they are kept in a calm and relaxed environment with no running, jumping or playing with other pets for the next few weeks after surgery. The bone must be given the proper amount of time to adequately heal from the procedure otherwise, there may be risk of an improper recovery.

For a more detailed description of the MMP, please visit the OrthoMed Website and call the office at (518)-828-1622 so we can better assist you with any questions you may have about this procedure and if it is right decision for your pet.

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